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Tuch-screen.. o.O

2008-01-22 14:33:49 by Aped3sign

YAY! Finarly i got a tuch-screen pc. now i can make more cartoons like Bananfly (=Bananfly is made with tuch-screen pc)

{(I didnt just sayd what i just earsed.. wrote wrong >.< sorry)}

pliz reply!

Tuch-screen.. o.O


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2008-01-28 12:30:03


Aped3sign responds:

Ey.. wtf's the problom -'`?ยด'-


2008-02-11 10:14:02

lol this thing looks pretty expensive. I wish I had something like that as well.

I have no idea what brand and model this touch-screen PC is though. From the looks of it, this probably isn't Wacom.


2014-02-21 12:27:26

So, I just watched your new cartoon. Not bad, a little long winded at times but not bad at all. Why did you wait so long to make it though?

Aped3sign responds:

Thanks! I havent done much drawing and animation the last years.
I watched the other bananfly movie from 2008 and saw that I had written in respond that I would make a secound movie.
So I did :)
Hoping to get time to make some more